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Beeson Rhododendron Nursery, INC

Rhododendron and Azalea Specialist
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                       Beeson Rhododendron Nursery

Quality sells itself. We take pride in growing beautiful, healthy plants.....and we'll never ship

a plant that doesn't quite measure up to our strict specifications.

We exercise special care to deliver plants that are true to name and color.

We think you'll be delighted with your choice of Beeson's plants for your nursery stock.

We value our customers, and work hard to live up to our reputation as

hybrid Rhododendron and Azalea specialists!

Wholesale only

Our plants are available in 2 gal., 4 gal. and 7 gal. containers.

Delivery is also offered. Call for quote.



Ann Kruschke (Reddish purple)

Buccaneer (Orange-red)

Anna Rose Whitney

Coral Bells (Pink)

Bessie Howell (Light red)

Delaware Valley (White)

Blue Peter (Light blue/purple center)

Garden State Glow (Pink)

Catawbiense Album (White)

Girards Cmrison (Crimson red)

Chionoides (White/Lemon spot)

Girards Fuchsia (Deep crimson purple)

Edith Bosley (Purple/dark spot)

Girards Renee Michelle (Deep pink)

English Roseum (Soft rose pink)

Girards Rose (Rose red)

Gomer Waterer (White/yellow spot)

Glory (Pink)

Holden (Light red)

Greeting (Salmon pink)

Mrs. Glass Dexter (Lavender)

Gumpo (White) dwarf

Nova Zembla (Dark red)

Helen Curtis (White/yellow spot)

Paul Mauney (White/yellow spot)

Hershey (Red)

Catawbiense Grandiflorum

Hino Crimson (Red)

PJM Olga (Pink)

Hinodegiri (Red)

PJM (Lavender)

Joh-ga (White/pink) variegated dwarf

Purpureum Grandiflorum (Purple)

Mildred (Purple)

Ramapo (Violet blue)

Mother’s Day (Red)

Roseum Elegans (Lavender Pink)

Stewartstonian (Orange-red)

Trilby (Red)

Wolf Pack Red (Red)

Yaku Princess (White/pink bud)

More pictures coming soon!

Rhododendron Prices:

4 gal. containers (2 year old) Call for Prices

Roseum Elegans

7 gal. containers

Azalea Prices:

2 gal. containers: Call for Prices

Joh-ga 3 gal. containers:


Pieris Japonica

Mountain Fire

2 gal. containers: Call for Prices

Mountain Fire Liner
Pictures of Japonicas are coming soon too!

These are our Mountain Fire Liners 2009